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ORKA tokens are carbon identification tokens that represent a prepurchase of carbon from us and you can execute a sale at any time to take ownership of your carbon value.

Once you execute the sale, you’ll be issue an ownership NFT disclosing the amount of carbon you own/offset and that will be placed on-chain

ORKA tokens are kind of like our crowdfunding tool I’m using to presell carbon.

But one unique feature about our tokens are if they increase in value in the market, you’ll be able to buy/offset more carbon than your initial buy in.

So say you buy $1,000 of ORKA at $0.01 and it went to $0.02 – your carbon value is now at $2,000 and you could remove/offset that amount.

ORKA is also a way for people who are passionate about climate help us get our project running.

With ORKA token sales, our goals are to acquire offsets to build a carbon bank until we can fund the development of our own offset projects.

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